Vision and Values....

Ministry Vision

"Strengthening Leaders and Serving Churches by Providing
Insights & Inspiration for Strategic Living and Thinking."

Our Mission

Our Mission consists or three interrelated parts:

Ministry Values

The Itinerant/Travel Ministry of Pastor Chip & Hope Buhler...

Preaching Sermons, Teaching Seminars; Conference Speaking, Leadership Advances, Men's/Women's Retreats; Ministry Consulting & Coaching.

As a ministry, we are committed to:

"Recovering Spiritual Sight, Renovating Christian Minds, Reparenting The Church's Conscience, & Realigning With Generational Purposes." -2Chron.7:16,Is.58:12,60:1-5,Jer.6:16,Lk.1:15-17,4:18-19,Acts13:36,26:15-19,Rom.12:2.

We value:

V = VISION = "valuing spiritual clarity and life accuracy."
-Pr.29:18,Hab.2:1- 4,Jn.3:3,9:11,Acts 26:15-19,Rev.3:18.

I = INTEGRITY = "valuing honor and holiness."

S = SPIRITUALITY = "valuing the reality and necessity of the Holy Spirit."

I = IDEAS = "valuing the influence of ideas, seeking wisdom, loving truth, learning apologetics and thinking worldviewishly."
-Job 8:7-10,26:14,28:12,23,Pr.22:17-21,Col.2:8,1Pet.3:15.

O = OMEGA GOD = "valuing God's faithfulness and finishing faith."

N = NEXT LEVEL LIVING = "valuing progress, transitions, maturity and breakthroughs."-Ps.75:6-7,Phil.1:12,3:12-16.