“We have known Chip for over 15 years, and can commend him to you as a Father, Husband, Parent and Pastor. He is a man who loves the Word of God and lives it out in his personal life. Chip is a gifted preacher and Bible teacher, a faithful husband and father, and a man grounded in the biblical worldview.

We have seen him handle great trials with faith and patience, always choosing what is right over what is expedient. He has an impeccable reputation as a man of character and integrity, and Elizabeth and I value very highly our friendship with Chip and his lovely wife, Hope.”

-Pastor Ray McCollum
Simple Church
Brentwood, TN

“Chip Buhler is a man of God we’ve had the privilege to get to know. He was a part of the ‘High Place of the Nation’ Conferences with us as we partnered together to release God’s purposes for our state and nation. He has a very powerful ministry of the Lord to those in athletic circles, on college campuses and especially to the younger generation that God is raising up in this day and hour. God has put a great vision in his heart with an ability to release and impart that vision to many. I hope you catch that ‘Heavenly Vision!’ May you have hearts open, eyes and ears open to receive that which God wants to give you…he’s an apostle of God that has the Word of the Lord and that speaks the very vision of God into our hearts.”

-Pastor Tom Hamon
Christian International
Santa Rosa Beach, FL

“Chip & Hope Buhler live on a higher plane. They truly exemplify what it means to be ‘in the world but not of it.’ They observe what’s going on in the world and culture, embrace what is good, but are less influenced by it than anyone I know. They are citizens, or more correctly subjects of God’s Kingdom. They live Kingdom lives with Kingdom goals and values, all but lost in this shallow, self-obsessed world. This is packaged in two attractive, loving, approachable, everyday people that I am honored to have shared a season of life with.”

-Betsy Thraves
State Policy Network
Arlington, VA
Former missionary to Latvia

“The Buhler’s are genuine, sincere believers.  They inspire me to be passionate for the Two Great Commandments which are to love God with everything in you and to love your neighbor.  These guys model out real Christianity.  Passion for Jesus pulsates from their pores.  Yes, they are very intelligent and great communicators, but even greater is that when with them, you catch their hunger for God and learn what’s on His heart. Yes, of course, I love to be around them and want countless others to be saturated by their ministry.”

-Bob Perry
NHOP-Nashville House of Prayer
Former Missionary to Latvia

“Chip is my friend, and it is exciting to see how God has been at work in his life and ministry in such a powerful way. I've known him now some 30 years; he was just a young lad at Camp Ridgecrest when we first met. Over the years, I've seen him grow physically, but more importantly, spiritually. It is obvious that God is using him to reach so many people for Christ. His loving, warm, welcoming personality coupled with a genuine love for the Lord is exciting and has such far-reaching effects. An old Chinese proverb says: "As a tall tree is known by the shadow it cast, so is a tall man known by the shadow he casts." Well, Chip, has cast a mighty tall shadow. The Kingdom of God is stronger and more powerful because of it. I'm proud to know and call him a close friend and brother in Christ.”

-David “Milkweed” Wotier
Sr. Pastor, Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church
Mayor of Owenton, KY

“I once read, “And when the dead man touched the bones of Elisha, he revived and stood up on his feet”-2 Kings 13:21. “These bones represent the core values or essence of something. Touching the bones speaks of identifying and being impacted by the life and values of someone. Those who are spiritually weak or dead can be revived by the heroes of faith who have walked in spiritual power.” With Pastor Chip and Hope Buhler, we have touched the bones, and they have impacted us tremendously. We pray their ministry will refresh and encourage you in a new way!”

-Jonathan Van Geest
Chair, Dept of Health Policy and Management
Morgan State University, MD

"I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Chip Buhler for many years and in many ministry environments. We have worked together in South Africa and the United States. His heart, giftedness and experience have left a lasting impact on countless numbers of people on several continents. Chips amazing teaching gift is loaded with apostolic wisdom, prophetic insight and pastoral sensitivity. Chip and Hope Buhler are a ministry partnership that is wonderfully anointed to help leaders and churches become Christ-centered, evangelistically potent and socially relevant."

-Bill Bennot
Into Africa/HIS People
Cape Town, South Africa

“I recall the day of my salvation like it was yesterday, even though the year was 1991. Pastor Chip, then known only to me as ‘Buhler’, had been workin’ on me to come to Jesus. You gotta understand, I was the stereotypical meathead jock fully self centered and seeking to be anesthetized from my pain through anything but Jesus!

Our weekend retreat in the same year was drawing to a close and we were going through the bunks cleaning up for our departure. As I drew near the end of one of the bunks, the Spirit of the Lord was on me in a heavy, tangible way. I recall turning my head to Pastor Chip and saying, “thank you”. From there, I wept for an hour en route to His glorious kingdom while guided by the loving and gifted hand of my dear guide and fellow teammate, ‘Buhler’. To this day, I’ve told that story countless times and in each, I credit him.

After nearly twenty years since that great day, we were reunited for our alma mater’s national championship game. Amidst all the hoopla of cheering our guys on, Chip took time to invite me to a personal retreat in the most unlikely of places….his van! Once there, the impromptu sanctuary came alive as we sang aloud and worshipped the Savior together and it reminded me of that day many years ago. His gifting was evident to me as I observed him interface with all the old fellas because he met them where they were. Just like Jesus did.

I will forever be grateful for Chip’s impact on my life and his ability to teach, pastor, discern and be relevant. In an age where truth has become subjective, it was an honor to witness again Christ’s faithful hand on my brother after all these years.”

- Tom White
High School Teacher & Football Coach
Charlottesville, VA.

"I have had the distinct privilege of working with Chip since 1992. His life and teaching have inspired thousands of university and college students. Every time we have brought him to minister at one of our churches or conferences he has always exceeded my expectations and everyone wants him to come back. Chip is a rare man in our generation. He has a pure heart, Christ like character, and a burning passion for God that is effective and contagious. It is a privilege and honor to be his friend."

- Ron Lewis
Founder, Campus Harvest
Sr. Pastor, MorningStar New York
Sr. Minister, Kings Park International Church

“Of the countless Christian speakers and academicians I have heard and known, Chip Buhler stands above the crowd in the breadth and depth of his knowledge and in his ability to translate profound and complex ideas into simple, applicable terms. He not only demonstrates a firm command of scripture, history, philosophy, and world events, but his teaching reveals the power of the Holy Spirit in its ability to shape the course of individual lives and empower entire Christian communities. Chip speaks to the core issues of culture and to the deepest needs of the Church. In addition, the quality of his character, his humility, and his pastoral gifting inspires Christians to more fully model Jesus' life and produces unity and healing throughout the body of Christ.”

- Brian Miller
PhD Physics, Duke University
Former Academic Dean of Victory Leadership Institute, North Carolina Branch
International speaker on faith, science, and Biblical worldview
Currently works in Nashville, TN as business consultant and as academic director for Daniel Project, a think tank focused on cultural engagement and Biblical worldview

"In 25 years of ministry, I've been blessed to meet a lot of wonderful and anointed servants of the Most High. But rarely have I come across a finer man of God than Chip Buhler. His passion for God -- His presence, power, and wisdom -- is wonderfully complimented by his "understanding of the times" and what it is the Church should do. (I Chronicles 12:32) Deep waters run through this man's life and I would encourage anyone who thirsts for the reality of Christ's Kingdom to avail themselves of his 20Twenty Vision."

- Eric Holmberg
Founder and President, Reel to Real Ministries / The Apologetics Group

"It is my joy and privilege to recommend the 20Twentyvision ministry of Pastor Chip and Hope Buhler. I have personally known Chip and Hope for over twenty years, and I can, without reservation, endorse them as a couple who loves Jesus and people. They have not only been great friends, but have also encouraged and challenged me to be more like Jesus. The Buhlers contain a unique package of powerful prayer, prophetic preaching and teaching, heavenly wisdom, and a pioneering spirit that advances the Kingdom of God. Preaching in church, teaching in a Leadership/Bible School, facilitating prayer meetings, ministering prophetically or conducting ministry retreats are just some of the many ways God uses the Buhlers to edify and strengthen His people. If the greatest are the ones who serve, then Chip and Hope are great people. In a lonely and lost world in need of heroes and friends, you will find both in Chip and Hope Buhler."

- Ron Miller
Sr. Pastor, Every Nation Tallahassee, FL

"When I’ve sat under the voice of Chip Buhler, I've never been more inspired to read my Bible, serve on the mission field, live holy, change the world, research my culture or generally burn for the things of Christ. One thing I haven't done after hearing him is stay the same. Chip Buhler is a man from another era. When he speaks, he seems to be transcending time as he gives the prophetic view of the church. I've never been more inspired to serve God with everything within me than when I sat under the sound of his voice---a voice needed for God's people."

- Addison Tweedy
Former FSU Campus Minister
Missionary to Europe (Budapest, Hungary)

“I first met Chip and Hope about 15 years ago when we both were Campus Pastors on the university campus. Since that time Chip has been one of my closest friends, a great encourager and Godly example as a church leader to me and my church. Chip was a constant help to me when I began a new church in Richmond, Virginia. Chip has always brought a fresh and relevant message to our church whether it’s on a Sunday morning, at a men’s retreat, on the university campus or at church leadership trainings. I strongly urge you to open your church or ministry to the spiritual gifting of Chip and Hope Buhler!”

-Senior Pastor Doug Watson
Harvest Renewal Church
Richmond Virginia

"Hope Buhler is a phenomenal prophetic teacher. She will share her heart in a way that disarms you and opens chambers of your heart that need to be healed and delivered. The ladies of our church look forward to any retreat or conference where Hope will be sharing."

-Cindy Watson
Harvest Renewal Church of Richmond, VA.

“I’ve had the privilege of knowing Chip on multiple fronts: pastor, friend, and mentor. If I were to give one characteristic that stands out most, it would be the ability to raise and train leaders. Chip is about one thing, the kingdom of God, and as such he is driven by a God-given desire to raise up men and women to rise up to the call of God and advance His kingdom in the earth. Now being a pastor, I’m even more impressed with the number of leaders he has raised up and works with, while still focusing on his greatest disciples, his family. It is for this reason I give Chip Buhler my full endorsement.”

- Adam Burt
Senior Associate Pastor
Morning Star New York
14 Year NHL Veteran

“In July 2000 I found myself at a critical time in my life and ministry and was crying out to God for understanding into his purposes for the next season of ministry. In God’s providence I ended up sitting next to Chip on an airplane, and after a while felt led to share a dream I had recently had. Over the next hour and half Chip ministered and prophesied to me. Looking back I can see how God used Chip to give me clear instruction and a map into my prophetic destiny, it was one of the most profound and powerful God experiences I have ever had.”

- Nigel Desmond
Senior Pastor, His People Christian Church, East London, South Africa

“Chip Buhler and his wife Hope are dedicated to excellence through pursuing God’s agenda, leaving any personal agenda at the foot of the Cross. As God takes all Christians and ministries through the refining process, Chip continues to emerge with a clear voice sharing the wealth of experience and knowledge gained through years of pastoring and church planting both in the USA and around the world. His experience in 30 countries qualifies him as a “special messenger” in the church. I recommend that anyone take opportunity to receive God’s ministry through Chip and Hope Buhler.”

- Keith and Mary Blevins
Keith is in private practice as an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Augusta, Georgia. He is an Elder and one of the founding members of 23 year old In Focus Church, Evans, Georgia

“Pastors Chip and Hope Buhler are inspired teachers with tremendous vision and insight. Our whole family has been touched by their ministry and we treasure them as friends and as voices that speak of the goodness and grace of God in this generation. We have been particularly blessed by the anointing on them as they use their prophetic and apostolic gifts. We are confident that you will be blessed by them as well.”

- Walter & Eileen Carter
Covington, GA

“Several years ago when I was a young student at Florida State University, my church used to meet in a high school auditorium, and every Sunday I would sit by myself in the left end seat on the second row. I remember those times as if they were yesterday, because they were truly moments of profound impartation and the foundation God used to prepare me for my destiny. Pastor Chip Buhler would preach the Word of God with the same fire that rested on the “heroic ancients,” like the Apostle Paul. My ears would fasten themselves upon his words because there was such a great surge of might, revelation, and truth in what he would say. I saw his intensity and passion for the heart of God, and I longed to know God in that same, deep way. My soul was so hungry to see Jesus, and the Lord used Pastor Chip’s words to pierce my heart and produce a great brokenness in me. I was determined to run hard after God, no matter the cost. The Lord did something eternal in my soul during those Sunday mornings, and I heard His voice calling out to me: ‘Seek My heart!’ (Ps. 27:8)”

- April Ann Lupo
Worship Leader, IHOP-Tallahassee, FL

"Pastor Chip has been a significant inspiration at crucial points in my life. I can always count on his wisdom, integrity and geniune care for those God has entrusted to him in all areas of his life."

- Novella Dean
Capetown, South Africa

"We have known Chip Buhler for a numbers of years. And always I have recognize his love for unbelievers and love to train believers to reach the lost. And I know, he will be a great help in the body of Christ, to train and equip churches all over the world."

- Jan Eriksen
Director/Evangelist, Street Ministris International - Austria

“Chip and Hope came along at the most needed time in our lives. Their desire for young couples to walk in purity and the accountability they offered was crucial. Even though our hearts desired to remain pure in our dating relationship, my now husband and I had never seen anyone who claimed to be a Christian walk that out. Chip and Hope walk in an authority in teaching young people to save themselves for marriage and to live the high standard that Christ expects from His people."

- Cindee Smith
Tallahassee, FL

"I have had the honor of working with Ps Buhler, and feel fortunate to be able to call him a friend, and a mentor. I have seen him in action as a leader and teacher, and believe that he has a great balance of being an intellectual, combined with having a deep pastoral heart. He is an outstanding teacher, and is exceptionally well-equipped to train the next generation of leaders. His teaching abilities are supported by the fact that he leads by example, and he has the integrity to train people to become leaders in every aspect of their own lives."

- Adrian Crawford
Director of "925 Athletic Ministries"

"The Buhlers’ impact on our lives can be best summed up in a quote from one of Pastor Chip’s messages: "My commitment is to be one of the strongest authorities you have ever met that has no controlling influence on your life." This has been shown to be true in the time we were privileged to have as a part of their congregation, and in the time spent under their private council. They have been exemplary leaders for us; a challenging voice from the pulpit as well as the living room, a wise council in times of trouble, and a friend when that was all that was required. The blessings that flow out from them go far beyond sermons and words and have truly left marks of eternal weight on our lives."

- Alexander W. Williams
Doctoral Candidate and Graduate Research Assistant, Precision Manufacturing Research Consortium Georgia Institute of Technology

"With Chip Buhler you get it all – sharp mind, quick wit, a deep and loving spirit. When Chip preaches in worship or presents at a conference he serves a bonanza of biblical insight, laced with laughter and challenging thoughts to chew on beyond the moment. As a young athlete, Chip graduated from “break-dancing” to a starting position on Tallahassee’s Lincoln High football team. In college, in spite of several injuries, he played outside linebacker and was a special teams contributor to the University of Richmond’s 1987 Yankee Conference Championship. He later returned to Lincoln to coach the defensive line through a series of successful seasons, including the 1999 6A State Football Championship. Chip has led two church starts in tough locations – Tallahassee and Atlanta – and helped shepherd a half dozen more. Pastor Chip has always had the ability to “light up” a classroom, a locker room, a worship room, a conference room. He will do the same for you!"

"Hope Buhler – wife, mother, and pastoral partner – is a beautiful lady who puts together challenging thoughts to encourage struggling individuals as well as successful people to develop beautiful, Christ-like lives."

- Fran Buhler
Associate Pastor/Director of Ministry
First Baptist Church, Tallahassee, Florida

"My dear friends Chip and Hope Buhler have proven time and again their ability to found and lead churches. They have a clear understanding of God's word and are greatly gifted by God to apply that word in individual or group settings. They are a treasured resource for those needing help to cut through the haze created by the issues of life in order that the Word of God may be rightly and most effectively applied to lives needing clarity. I can personally attest to their great love of God, His word, and His people. They provided my wife and myself excellent, ongoing counsel during the most difficult season of our lives. They were our anchor in the storm provided by God during that season. Anyone who has the opportunity to be touched by their ministry will be greatly blessed."

- Tom & Kim Holbert
Augusta, GA.

"In the body of Christ, there are men and women with special gifts and callings upon them; and after coming to the Lord nearly 40 years ago, I've had the opportunity to hear many of them both in churches and on television. These all play an important part in teaching, developing and building up the habitation of God by the Spirit. I can honestly say that on a scale from 1 to 10, Pastor Chip is a 9.99. If you were blessed to have the opportunity to hear Pastor Chip minister, you would soon recognize he's a Chip of the Old Rock."

- Andy Bureau
Jacksonville, FL.

"There are women of God who walk with a merciful heart and bring God's healing touch; there are women of God empowered by His grace who are beauty personified; there are women of God who speak with authority and you know they have sat in His presence; there are many women of God whose paths I have crossed and yet none have I met like Hope. Her speaking makes me want to run into the arms of God, her prayers have brought His healing balm, and her presence brings God's love in a tangible way. She is truly a woman of God."

- Christa Plettl

"If words can move, if passion can inspire, and if action can encourage, then I have been moved, inspired and encouraged into higher levels with my walk with Christ, in being a better husband and father through the example, teaching, and counsel Chip Buhler has been in my life."

- Coach Dave Plettl
Florida State University

"I first met Chip Buhler when I was a young Christian looking for a role model with an authentic and biblical faith. I sure found it! Chip's passionate preaching, incredible prayer life, and exemplary character were and continue to be an example and inspiration for my own life. He is one of the most genuine believers I have had the privilege to know."

- Gabe Bouch

"I met Chip and Hope Buhler in 1996 when I began attending Morning Star Church in Tallahassee. Their passionate preaching and dynamic leadership were exactly what I needed in the foundational spiritual years of my life. Now, with four children of my own, and having served in campus ministry for eight years, I certainly appreciate all they gave in those early years! (Particularly how willingly they opened up their home and let us into their family life.) Over the years Hope has continued to speak into my life with loving and wise counsel whenever I've needed it most. I'm amazed at the authority with which she speaks! I Praise God for the Buhlers and their authentic commitment to Christ and His gospel. It is an honor to be one whom they have served."

-Jennifer Bouch
"All of you serve each other in humility, for 'God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble'...Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God, and in his good time he will honor you. Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about what happens to you." -1 Peter 5: 5-7

"The Buhler's are such a dynamic couple. Their love for people challenges and encourages them to become more like Christ. I remember when they spoke to myself and other staff, they had a timely Word for us which left us desiring God more than ever before. They are a blessing to those that they come in contact with, and inspire others to follow Christ wholeheartedly.

- Torsha Walker
Campus Minister at F.A.M.U.

"I have known Chip Buhler since 1990, and have watched his preaching and teaching abilities become more and more refined over the years. When I hear him speak, I am amazed at how he integrates Scripture with history, current events, and an overall Biblical worldview. I met Hope Buhler right before she and Chip got married in 1992. Her wisdom, prophetic insight, and leadership parallel her husband’s gifts. When the two of them have the opportunity to preach and teach side by side, the results are powerful. They are also extremely effective as individuals. Hope can run a women’s conference or offer wise counsel, and Chip can preach to a congregation or give effective direction to a church that needs an outside voice. I think the most important insight that I can offer about Chip and Hope is this: the way they are in front of an audience is the way they are in their private life. Their character shines even brighter than their gifts.”

-Heather Goodlett
Founder, Youth Life Foundation of Richmond, VA.

“We have been so blessed and encouraged by the ministry of Chip Buhler. His heart for Asia and love for people has been heart felt through his messages. He is a man of integrity and humility, and I am honored to call him a friend. His messages and prophetic words have not only challenged us, but have brought change in many people’s lives! “

-Rev. Lawrence Y. Matsuwaki
Senior Pastor
Every Nation Church Singapore

“I’ve known Chip in a ministry context since around 1992; when, as a student leader of a ministry at Virginia Tech, he was regularly invited to minister on campus. In my 20 years of Christian leadership I’ve not seen a more powerful combination of Spirit-led ministry, integrity, cultural relevance and Biblical / historic scholarship.”

- Daniel Latshaw
MBA, CCIM –Atlanta, GA.

"Hope not only knows the Lord in an intimate way, she also knows who she is the Lord. With great humility and class, she walks with a Godly confidence that stirs up both women and men, young and old to greater levels and depths. I've been inspired by her passion for authenticity as a Christian, desire to serve others above herself, and pursuit for the liberty found in Christ. Hope's transparency about her Christian walk provides practical and encouraging examples on how to grow closer to the Lord. She's truly an inspiration. I am grateful to Hope for her leadership and friendship in my life."

"Chip possesses the unique combination of being both supernaturally gifted and intellectually proficient. His ability and ease to minister to both those with a supernatural, spiritual bent and those with an academic, intellectual bent reaches a wide audience while encouraging a balanced understanding of how the supernatural and natural harmoniously testifies of God. Chip's command of the Bible is second to none. I first met Chip in 1996 while a college student. Chip's ministry and church was an answer to years of prayer. As a prophetically inclined woman that has worked both in politics and business, I've benefited immensely from his ministry. He's spoken in my life at very pivotal moments. But he's also been a friend to me during the times that seem to have been the most mundane."

-Kelly Chancy

"Chip and Hope are true gifts to the Body of Christ. They are examples in marriage, friendship and ministry with true spiritual authority in humility and grace. I have known Chip since 1990 when I witnessed the power of God moving at the University of Richmond around his preaching and hungry hearts. His prophetic insight and apostolic vision clearly have affected my life. May all those who support them and their vision receive a double blessing."
-David Hacker
CCIM, Vision Commercial Properties
Woodstock, GA