Marriage Savers

20Twenty Vision is partnered with Marriage Savers in the mission of working with couples to prepare, strengthen and save relationships. Our primary aim is to serve and equip you through providing mentoring and information of proven ways to help you at every stage of your marital life cycle:

  • Avoid a bad marriage before it begins
  • Give “marriage insurance” to engaged couples
  • Strengthen nine out of ten existing marriages
  • Save more than three-quarters of deeply troubled marriages
  • Foster reconciliation between separated and divorced couples
  • Push down the divorce rate for entire metropolitan areas

In a culture where over half of marriages end up in divorce, we need Churches committed and Christian’s involved in marriage enrichment with specific, proven principles like these:

  1. Christian Example
    1. Through other Christians’ testimony and example we/I found hope for our marriage.
  1. Commitment to God
    1. I experienced God’s love and forgiveness.
    2. I made a decision/commitment to love: Christ, mate, self. (This wording indicates that this kind of love comes only after commitment is made. Known as agape, it is the form of love that is self-giving rather than self-receiving.)
    3. I made a decision and commitment to follow Jesus as my Savior and Lord.
    4. Once obedient to God, we were able to begin to love by his standards, not ours.
    5. I became accountable to God for my behavior, thoughts, and actions and became aware of my accountability to others.
  1. Commitment to Prayer
    1. We/I made a decision to stay together.
    2. We/I made a decision to forgive mate and myself.
    3. I accepted my mate as he/she is.
  1. Changed Myself
    1. I realized that the problem was with myself.
    2. I began to look at myself as needing change to be able to love, no matter what. I became aware that I needed to change, became willing to change, learned what and how to change, and began to change with God’s help.
    3. I made an examination of my role in our marriage according to God’s Word and changed accordingly with God’s help.
    4. I accept change in my mate.
  1. Trust
    1. Through Christ, I began trusting enough to increasingly put my whole self in the care of my mate.
    2. I learned to communicate honestly, truthfully, and openly, in love.
    3. I learned to put God and mate ahead of myself (became humble before the Lord).
  1. The Process
    1. We are still in the process and realize that we must share what we have found with others.

“What God has joined together—let the church help hold together!”