20Twenty and the Buhlers are committed to administering the Sacraments; and performing a wedding is a most joyous occasion that we are always delighted to be a part of.

We believe that marriage is a sacred institution and should be entered into with great care and reverence. For this reason, we offer premarital instruction to engaged couples and dating couples who are considering marriage. The course addresses all major areas relating to marriage relationships.

The purpose of these marriage preparation sessions is to help prepare couples for a successful marriage and to affirm God’s will in their union. The course provides couples the opportunity to weigh their decisions and perspectives carefully in light of the material presented; as well as, helping to identify and deal with potential problem areas before wedding vows are taken.

We provide both four and eight-week premarital courses as a requirement for couples who are wishing to be married by Pastor Chip or a 20Twenty Vision minister. There is a $300 fee for the course and materials (couples also provide travel accommodations and an offering to the Pastor/officiant on the wedding weekend). Due with registration is a $50 course fee. All couples will take the FOCCUS (facilitating open couple communication, understanding study) assessment, read and discuss 2 books, and receive personal coaching/counseling related to the building of their marriage and family.

Pastor Chip and Hope Buhler have been through the “Marriage Savers” and FOCCUS trainings for mentor/facilitating couples, attended over 20 marriage and family seminars, studied scores of books on marriage, and have been a part of over 70 weddings. We also qualify in most of the United States, for you to get a financial discount on your marriage license after completing our premarital course.

During our initial contact, the pastor will interview the couple on topics that include moral and legal questions pertaining to their suitability for marriage. They will also discuss their wedding preferences, program, preferred wedding date, and their premarital classes or conference call schedule.

Couples who plan to marry should also have a wedding planner/coordinator to assist with the rehearsal and ceremony. Those marrying should feel free to use a planner/coordinator of their choice.

Wedding dates are placed on our calendar on a tentative basis, and are usually confirmed after the premarital class is completed and facility use agreements are understood and finalized. If you desire to have Pastor Chip or a 20Twenty minister officiate (perform the ceremony) at your wedding, the first step is to schedule an appointment or conference call with us. To schedule a pastoral meeting, please complete the form linked below and return it to our office, or call us at 770-425-8926.

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