Marriage Policy Commitments


  • That God has established in scripture the sanctity and companionship of marriage;
  • That God intends the marriage bond between husband and wife to last a lifetime;
  • That as church leaders we have a responsibility to provide premarital preparation to every engaged couple. This will improve their understanding of marriage and deepen their mutual commitment;
  • That as clergy we have a responsibility to provide ongoing support to strengthen and nourish existing marriages.


  1. Encourage a courtship of at least one year;
  2. Expect a minimum of five counseling sessions for engaged couples, preferably over a 3-4 month period, with one session devoted to taking a premarital test or inventory (FOCCUS, Prepare); one devoted to insuring a biblical understanding of morality, marriage, and divorce; and one devoted to a post-marriage follow-up;
  3. Train mature married couples to serve as mentors to those who are engaged, newly married, experiencing marriage difficulties, or remarried;
  4. Encourage retreats, classes, and marriage enrichment opportunities designed to build and strengthen marriages;
  5. Develop and implement programs for troubled marriages using counseling, retreats, and mentoring by couples (including those whose own marriages were once in trouble);
  6. Promote sexual abstinence outside of marriage;
  7. Promote faithful marital relationships;
  8. Set an example as pastors by attending couplesí retreats and being involved in other relationship enrichment activities;
  9. Take this covenant back to our church to be ratified by the appropriate church leadership.

*This project was sponsored by Live the Life Ministries locally and Marriage Savers nationally. This was signed and supported by Gov. Jeb Bush of FL., Pastor Chip Buhler, and other church and community leaders. We are committed to these principles, and by following them, are recognized by most state governments for sponsoring marriage preparation programs. A certificate of completion from our program provides a marriage license discount in many states.