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“To live in the Interpreter’s House, and to answer the Pilgrim’s question me excellent things, such as will help me on my journey.” –Pilgrim’s Progress

“We each have had a dream…Do not interpretations belong to God?!?”

Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, is this 34-acre property in North Georgia, and others we use for retreats, camps, conferences, and ministry events.

A Special Place

Imagine: waking to spectacular sunrises with ambient colors reflecting off the mountain mist…a view from the porch of deer grazing, rabbits, ground hogs, and birds in the fields of wild flowers…cool morning walks on winding trails alone or with friends…Moms and Dads spending valuable time playing with the kids and making memories…Husbands and wives renewing their love for each other…Pastors and Christian leaders experiencing healing and personal revival…Youth and college students sharing testimonies around the bonfire…experiencing God and opening their lives to God’s presence, people and purposes…….Now, open your eyes and see: “The dream to strengthen & serve Christian lives & leaders is becoming a reality.”

20Twenty Vision and the Buhler’s are pursuing this once in a life time opportunity. “Interpreter’s House” is named from my favorite part of the story “Pilgrim’s Progress.” This most famous of books is a parable of the experiences of Christians as they journey in the purposes of God. Along the “narrow way” between the Gate and a hill where the Cross stands was a House with an Interpreter.

Here, Christian is given a tour of the Interpreter’s House where he is intrigued by the symbolic pictures he sees. The seven illustrations he is shown are to bring personal and spiritual instruction concerning his faith and journey. Although the author never explains who the Interpreter is, it is believed he is a type of minister that teaches by the Spirit and Word of God. At this special place of rest and revelation, a person –“Interpreter” -- helps travelers discover life lessons from the truths that matter most.


A Strategic Opportunity

My family has had the privilege of experiencing and serving at summer camps and ministry retreats for four generations. We believe this is the most strategic opportunity we have ever had to serve and bless God's people generationally. To provide a special place and times for life changing opportunities through ministry retreats, youth events, inner city kid’s camps and leadership advances has the greatest potential for long-term fruit of anything we have ever done. We believe this property or one like it is God ordained for strengthening lives and marriages, serving leaders and youth, and experiencing the school of Christ.

(Check out the property plans: color site plan, overall plan, west view, east view)


Jesus said, “Come away by yourselves to a remote place and rest a while.”-Mark 6:31

Relax and take in the colorful scenery and fresh air from the comfort of a wooden rocking chair-or hike beside a tranquil stream that flows through this mountain hollow. You may choose to read a favorite book under a shade tree, take a nap in the hammock, strum a guitar, play board games and puzzles or sing at the campfire. This entire property provides a unique setting for guests to truly experience physical, spiritual, and emotional rest.


I.H. offers an abundance of recreational and outdoor opportunities: baseball field, hiking trails, horseshoes, archery, riflery, frisbee, football, volleyball, water balloon/air soft/ paint ball battles, “sock wars,” as well as close access to white water rafting, water skiing, historic locations, and the A.T. (Appalachian Trail). Laboring on the barbeque grill and late night flashlight tag are favorites. There are no TV’s, but endless possibilities for adventure.


“That the Father of glory may give to you the Spirit of Wisdom & Revelation in the knowledge of HIM, the eyes of your understanding being enlightened that you may know…” –Eph.1:17-18

This is a place for looking to God, listening to and learning from the Scriptures (and great books), and sharing life journey insights with fellow travelers. Here the fruit of many prayers and the Holy ground of a prepared place will overflow in your life as you are “filled with the knowledge of HIS will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding.” Every believer may become an Interpreter as their heart and mind becomes an Interpreter’s House –well stocked with “pictures” and “illustrations” that are instructive in God’s ways of life.


“Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.” –Is.40:31

This is a special place: where people hear the Call of God, souls are saved, hearts are healed, minds are transformed and enlightened, and godly relationships are formed. It is our purpose and prayer that every guest would leave with a renewed relationship with God and a clearer understanding of His will for their life.

-So Christian (Pilgrim) went on his way saying, “Here have I seen things rare and profitable, things pleasant, dreadful, things to make me stable. In what I have begun to take in hand: Then let me think on them, and understand wherefore they showed me were, and let me be thankful, O good Interpreter, to thee.”

Sowing for The Vision

Will you pray for and partner with 20Twenty in the vision of “Interpreter’s House” events? Places where people “look unto the hills”-and listen to God…times for rest, recreation, revelation and spiritual renewal. Lives suddenly change. Priorities and perspectives are realigned, and personal agendas give way to God’s heart and mind

*We sincerely hope you will pray and give generously to this once in a lifetime opportunity. This dream is becoming a reality that will bring generational blessings and eternal rewards.

"Join the 300": = 300 monthly ministry partners giving $20.20 per month.
(This partnership covers all expenses for the Buhlers, ministry expenses, "Interpreter's House" lease/morgage and operational costs.)     Join the 300 today!


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“God Give Us Hills to Climb and Strength to Climb Them.”